On this page, I am testing two brands for you, Spigen and Wsken, both of which offer camera protection for the Galaxy S24 Ultra and have received excellent reviews on the internet. Find out how effective each camera protection for the Galaxy S24 Ultra really is in this review!

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Best Camera Protection? | Galaxy S24 Ultra

Under each product, you will find the pros and cons, a conclusion, and the link to Amazon, where I also purchased the set.

The Wsken Camera Protection for Galaxy S24 Ultra

Wskens camera protection is easy to install, and it does not obstruct the flash. Unfortunately, the color of the Galaxy S24 Ultra was not matched here, so it doesn’t look particularly nice. Additionally, the lenses are now slightly higher and may protrude from some cases. Furthermore, you cannot use cases where the lenses are individually cut out within the case.

Price: $14.99


Easy installation

Flash not covered


Doesn’t look nice

May protrude from the case

Not compatible with all cases


For the price, there are too many disadvantages here; the camera protection from Spigen convinces me much more.

Here is the set available on Amazon

The Glass tR EZ FIT Camera Protection for Galaxy S24 Ultra by Spigen

Spigen’s camera protection for the Galaxy S24 Ultra is very easy to install and is hardly visible due to its color matching the Galaxy S24 Ultra. The flash is not covered, and this camera protection is also compatible with all cases from my Galaxy S24 Ultra case test. Additionally, we have a tool for removing the glasses included.

Unfortunately, a wet cloth for cleaning the lenses is not included. Also, the lenses could now protrude from some cases.

Price: $16.99 for 2 pieces


Easy installation

Almost invisible due to framing

Very cheap right now

Flash still works

Compatible with all cases

Tool for removal included


No wet cloth included

May protrude from some cases


The glasses from Spigen make a very good and high-quality impression. They are hardly noticeable, and the installation is also very easy.

Here is the set available on Amazon