In this test, we have the Rhinoshield Clear Case for the iPhone 15 & 15 Pro. We’ll now find out how good this case is, its advantages and disadvantages, and whether it’s a viable alternative to the original Apple Clear Case!

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The Rhinoshield Clear Case for the iPhone 15 & 15 Pro – A Review

The case comes in the familiar Rhinoshield packaging. There are no additional accessories included. I purchased this case on Amazon for $46.99

What are the advantages of this case?

Camera ring stays in place!

The black ring around the camera cutout didn’t hold on the iPhone 14 Pro, but this issue has been resolved!

Same material as the original and sealed at the bottom

The material is identical to that of the original Apple Clear Case. The only noticeable difference is that the bottom is sealed, whereas the original is open.

Does not yellow

The material used here does not yellow over time like rubber does.

Feels very premium

The feel in hand is also very pleasant, and the material feels high-quality.

Hard case

The entire case is sturdy, yet it still has a slight give. This provides perfect protection in case of impact.

Display and camera protection

The edges of the case extend beyond the display and camera lenses, preventing them from touching surfaces during falls or when placed down.

Compatible with MagSafe

MagSafe is included and functions just like the original.

Interchangeable camera ring and buttons

Additionally, with this case, you can easily swap out the buttons and the black camera ring for different colors. However, these need to be purchased separately from Rhinoshield’s shop.

Buttons and cutouts are very well done

The cutouts for speakers, etc., are perfectly placed, nothing is obstructed. The buttons also have a very good and audible click.

Compatible with all screen protectors

You can use any screen protector from my iPhone 15 Pro screen protector test. The case doesn’t push up the edges of the screen protector.

What disadvantages could I find?


Fingerprints tend to stick to transparent cases. However, this is a common issue with all clear cases.

Very expensive

In terms of price, the case is quite expensive, considering you can get the original Apple Clear Case for €59.

Conclusion – Is this case a good alternative to the original Apple Clear Case?

Definitely! While there isn’t a significant price difference, the Rhinoshield Clear Case has a sealed bottom, setting it apart.

You can purchase the case on Amazon

Alternative to the Original Apple Clear Case? Rhinoshield Clear Case for iPhone 15 & 15 Pro