In this test, I have the matte tempered glass from Benks for the iPhone 15 Pro. You’ll now find out how good this tempered glass is, the pros and cons I could identify, and of course, for whom it is suitable!

The entire test with many details is also available as a video

The Best Matte Tempered Glass for iPhone 15 Pro? Benks

I purchased the matte tempered glass directly on Amazon for 19.99$. All the accessories needed are included. A set contains 2 tempered glasses.

What are the advantages of this tempered glass?

Covers the entire front

We have here a large tempered glass with black borders. This covers the entire front of the iPhone. The small point at the top for the front camera is clear and not specially cut out.

Covers very little of the screen

The black border covers very little of the display, maybe half a millimeter.

Touch and Face ID still work

Touch and Face ID still function properly.

Easy installation

The installation, thanks to the included frames, works seamlessly.

Compatible with all cases from my test

All iPhone 15 cases from my test can be used with this tempered glass. The case does not push the tempered glass back up.

All necessary accessories included

We have all the necessary accessories for installation included.

What disadvantages could I find?

Not completely matte

As mentioned in some Amazon reviews, the glass is not entirely matte. It still reflects somewhat, though not comparable to a regular tempered glass.

Image becomes slightly pixelated

An issue with matte tempered glasses, as well as screen protectors, is that the display may appear somewhat pixelated and not as sharp. One should be able to live with that.

Dust and dirt under the black border

Unfortunately, dust and dirt accumulate under the black border over time. Unfortunately, there’s nothing that can be done about it.

Conclusion – Who is this tempered glass suitable for?

The Benks tempered glass for the iPhone 15 Pro leaves a very good impression. In the end, however, it seems to be more for aesthetic purposes rather than primarily for sun protection.

Here is the tempered glass on Amazon

The Best Matte Tempered Glass for iPhone 15 Pro? Benks